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TOPIC: Operational Record Books


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Operational Record Books

Some ORB's are now on line, here are a few from Martlesham Heath if you type in the name in the box



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Some might find this of interest

18.06.40 Sqdn 29 P/O Barnwell, Sgt Long. Shot an enemy a/c down

19.06.40 25 Sqdn exercise from North Weald (Blenhiem IV airborne intercept?

19.06.40 9 Sqdn Wellington force landed. Stbd prop fell off. Machine Cat 3

21.06.40 Attack (false) Yellow warning at 23:00. Red warning at 23:20 Enemy a/c heard 23:35 Bombs dropped on Hollesley 01:45 6 bombs dropped on field next to K site No damage, no loss of life

24.06.40 Red warning 23:59-04:10 Enemy a/c heard only

25.06.40 Visit AVM Whittingham

25.06.40 Red warning 23:55-03:45

26.06.40 Visit Premier Rt Hon W Churchill with Maj Gen Majendie + staff

26.06.40 Red warning 23:30-03:15

01.07.40 Visit Defences Gen Williams CinC Eastern, Cpt Cairns Brig Maj 165 Brigade

01.07.40 25 Sqdn Re-equipped with Whirlwind I

02.07.40 FAA 825 Swordfish returned from bombing barges. refuel

03.07.40 Visit F/Lt Sutherland, Mr D Hartley and Mr Onions of Brent Laboratories to film aircraft

03.07.40 Attack 16:45 Do 215 past over. AA fired.

05.07.40 Yellow & White Wrn Seven Yellow warnings followed by White

07.07.40 Yellow warnings Given at various times

08.07.40 Attack 10:20 He 111 flew over. AA fired. Sqdn 85 Sgt Allard shot it down

08.07.40 Attack 23:20 illuminated by search lights. AA fired. Bombs dropped 4 miles away. Yellow warnings prevailed through the night. All clear at 02:45

09.07.40 Yellow Warnings Sounded at various times during the day

10.07.40 Attack Yellow warning throughout day, At 05:15 Enemy a/c dropped 18 50 kilo bombs around edges of aerodrome. No damage or loss of life

11.07.40 9 Red Warnings Two warnings 01:20-02:37, 04:59-07:30 proved to be false

14.07.40 Sqdn 77 Whitley, F/O Piddington, force landed safely

15.07.40 MH Stn Adjutant F/Lt AG Sudworth reported for duty





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16.07.40 Visit Group Captain Cox Deputy Chaplin-in-Chief

18.07.40 Defence Large number of narrow scratch shelter trenches

18.07.40 Defence wiring Almost complete

20.07.40 56 Sqdn Guard Shot down Ju88, Clacton

20.07.40 25 Sqdn Guard Shot down He115

23.08.40 Visit Mr N Chamberlain, part inspection of East Coast defences Maj Gen Majendie met him and Brig Gen Gourlay, Gen Hylor visited the stations defences. Maj Gen Majendie met him and Brig Gen Gourlay, Gen Hylor visited the stations defences. Also Gen Taylor, Inspector General of Fortifications & Air Commodore Saunders carry out survey of existing and proposed defence measures.

25.07.40 Defence Air Raid Purple introduced - All vehicle lights to be out

26.07.40 Bomber Command Rtn a/c need to refuel 2x Wellington 1xWhiteley One a/c ditched its bomb load of incendiary, Police were enquiring into why?

27.07.40 MH flooding Torrential rainstorm after, need to clear drain grills

29.07.40 151 Sqdn a/c landed, damaged by enemy fire

29.07.40 Spit N3042 force land nr Orfordness Lighthouse

29.07.40 85 Shot down Do17 East of Felixstowe

29.07.40 17 Shot down He111 off Harwich

29.07.40 85 Shot down Me110 at sea

31.07.40 MH Airfield being used as a forward aerodrome. Refined refuelling system of visitors (Station Routine Order 176)

31.07.40 MH Request to AM for Kesgrave Hall and houses in Deben Avenue

01.08.40 Blackpool to MH 150 airmen, for Ground Defence Duties AS the two AMES Stations had no defence complement, draft was split

01.08.40 Kesgrave Hall Permission to requisition Kesgrave Hall by AM

06.08.40 ? 05:20 Hampton landed

08.08.40 25 Sqdn To be re-eqpt with Beaufighter a/c (02.09.40)

09.08.40 48 recruits From a training centre for general ACH duties

09.08.40 Visit The Rt. Hon. Anthony Eden, on way to Heston

09.08.40 Visit Defence Major General Majendie

10.08.40 11 Group MH, at 12:00, became part of 11 Group 





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10.08.40 WAAF on MH Moved from married Qtrs to Kesgrave Hall except Officers

11.08.40 Visit AOC AVM K Park

12.08.40 25 Sqdn P/O Corry overshot on landing, hit wiring and overturned

13.08.40 17 Sqdn Arrive with Hurricanes

13.08.40 85 Sqdn To Debden

15.08.40 Attack 12 Ju87 and Me110, 20 Me 109. The Ju87 on uncompleted signal station (2 m west). The Me110 struck airfield and main camp road, near buildings. Main water feed broken. Officers Mess badly shaken. Refrigeration plant wrecked Visiting Fairy Battled was machine-gunned and blow-up wrecking two hangers, Watch Office and Hightflying eqpt sheds u/s. Hispano guns said a/c out of range. Bofors could not see targets due to smoke. There was no panic although naturally everyone was badly scared.

16.08.40 Clear-up Fully occupied. Telephones now 99% Water back on

17.08.40 Air raid warning Red warning, noon. Staff are more reactive after Thursday

18.08.40 Officers Messs Cat Mrs J A Happy Event happened during the previous night. The Officers Mess Sec. discovered, at noon, that his safe had additional items. Mrs J had five new born kittens. Evidently Mrs J appreciates the value of British Steel for such events in these trying times.

21.08.40 56 Sqdn F/O Brooker shot Do17, survived and brought to MH

21.08.40 Bombed Hollesley K Site bombed, heath fire, Ipswich Fire B out

22.08.40 Visit ACM Sir Hugh Dowding, then visit to Orfordness

24.08.40 Terminology Abandon aircraft = Bale (out) is not Bail (out). Care off The Times

26.08.40 Paper shortage HQs important message

26.08.40 Bombed Debden bombed restricted comms

26.08.40 111 Sqdn Hurricane force-landed a/c a wreck, Sgt Sellers ok

27.08.40 Army Bison arrived for defence 4mph speed concrete pill box MH Padres hen and 13 chicks Bison was for Ipswich Airpt

30.08.40 25 Sqdn To North Weald

31.08.40 25 Sqdn Attachment left


nb Copied as received 



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